Meeting for animators – course “First Aid” Bulgarian Red Cross, 16-18 of June 2023

On Friday evening, we gathered both groups of animators to do together a “First Aid” course of BRC, which will be useful to us in our work with children. The course started on Saturday morning. The BRC Association gave a lecture to the training animators on how to provide first aid to a person in need. The volunteers briefly told the young future animators how to deal with such extreme situations, which require a quick reaction and how to save human life. They acted out several situations and showed how to react quickly in them: epilepsy (tongue swallowing), spinal injuries, broken or sprained limb, dressing internal deep and external wounds, recognizing a person with a stroke, resuscitation, etc.
After lunch, a game was organized in the town. We were divided into 4 teams of 5 players each. We had to go around 5 different stops where different injuries were staged. We wanted a quick and correct reaction.
This big game was followed by other fun games at the center “Oazis”. In the evening there was a prayer in the chapel and a word for good night, a short story with a lesson.
On Sunday, after the Holy Liturgy, we cleaned the building and after lunch we left for our homes.
Thank you very much for the nice and useful meeting!” Christianin, animator

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