Meeting for animators, 17. – 19. of March 2023, town of Kazanlak

Hungry and tired from the journey, a few of us animators arrived in the long-awaited Kazanlak. We were greeted with food and regained our strength. This meeting was a little bit different from the others. It was a spiritual meeting where we tried new things with the young people and even got closer. We tried silence for a day, which was not bad at all because we coped with it very well. During this time we had spiritual talks from our dear priest father Cvrkal (hidden Levskar) where we learned many interesting things about how to live more spiritually in this modern world and how to be closer to God.
After each talk, we were given a task to look back on our past and rethink our spiritual life when we were younger. This is how we learned how to forgive more easily and how to love each and every person, regardless of who they are. I would also like to note the no less wonderful talk about confession, after which we went to confession with great pleasure. During this quiet day we also had a quiet Way of the Cross. In the forest, each with his own stop and his own reflection on it, we made the Way of the Cross. It was a long, fulfilling and tiring day, but we managed to end it with a prayer at the grave of father Martin.
All through the night we had Adoration, at which each one of us remained for half an hour or an hour, until morning prayer. We experienced it in our own way, but it certainly worked out very well for us.
Contrary to expectations, the next day instead of tired, we were vibrant and energetic. We did a rosary, liturgy, cleaning and with God’s help we successfully returned to our homes!”
Georgi Manolov Kavarkov (Gope)

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