Meeting for animators, 10. – 12. of March 2023, town of Kazanlak

“From March 10. till March 12., there was again a meeting for the animators  in town of Kazanlak. This meeting was a little bit different from the others because a part of it was focused on preparing for the Easter holidays. On Friday evening there were several interesting games that the animators prepared. It was a good experience for them to try to organize games for others. On Saturday before lunch we tried in silence to reflect on different hurts that we may carry inside us, but we also reflected on the people we hurt.
Before lunch there was an interesting workshop where we had the opportunity to make different hearts and silk crosses. At the same time, there was an opportunity for individual conversations. After lunch, each of us prepared a station of the Way of the Cross, which we had in the church yard.
Although this meeting was different from the others, the animators had fun and had more time to think and share various personal things.
The youth are looking forward to the next meeting, where a BCH course will be held.”
O. Petr Cvrkal

“This weekend (10-12.03) there was a very nice meeting for animators. We learned more about the Holy Confession and the Ten Commandments. We played various fun games, both inside and outside of the salesian house. Saturday night we had a night of adoration where we had the opportunity to be alone with God. “
Animator Rossi

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