Scout camp, 11-12. of February, town of Kazanlak

This past weekend, on February 11. and 12., a group of boys from the Lozenets district held their first scout camp. This is the third scout patrol created in September last year.
As a first experience , for these boys it was very exciting to spend a day in the mountains, in the vicinity of the town of Kazanlak. The overnight stay away from home was also a novelty.
The camp program included all the elements of this experience: walks, group games, formative theme, St . liturgy.
With this first experience, the new scout group begins to have a different kind of contact with nature, learning to care for it and enjoy it in a responsible and healthy way.”
Marcos Dalla Cia, SDB
“The month of February is expected to be cold and snowy, but no! It was a beautiful sunny weather here in Buzovgrad. With the new patrol of the scouts, we went for a walk to the Megalith, an ancient sanctuary from the time of the late Eneolithic and the beginning of the Bronze Age. As we left from Buzovgrad a lovely old lady treated us with treats and we thanked her. We set off to climb the Megalith. There with the lovely wild boys we learned how to make scout knots and how to use them. We learned how to make a fire and how to survive in the forest. We made our own lunch by lighting a fire and putting some sausages to roast. We ate very well, then we went up to the Megalith, where we saw great views and took some cool pictures. The boys were jumping over the rocks like crazy and having fun showing energy worthy of a scout. More walking and games followed on the way down to the village of Buzovgrad. After we got back to Kazanlak, we had a game where we learned what it was like to be a scout and what qualities should he possess. The day continued with games, entertainment and eating. At night, boys tried to see if they were not afraid to walk alone by candles to a certain place in the forest, where we ended the day with evening prayer. The next day we also had fun and finally cleaned up before our upcoming departure to Stara Zagora. In these two beautiful sunny days we were protected by our God and we kept thanking him all the way, with prayers and songs.”
Gopeto, animator


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