Course for animators, 03-05. of February, town of Kazanlak

“As with any course for animators, we were looking forward to see how it would go. The young people arrived again on Friday evening. After dinner we gathered to play interesting games, to have fun, but also for the animators to have ideas for games when they start preparing the programs for children or youth. After the evening prayer and the word for good night, the young people went to their beds. Of course, they couldn’t fall asleep right away because they had a lot to share. Saturday before noon was devoted to the subject of “Psychology.” The conversation was led by the former animator Desi Frengieva. After this talk there was another talk on “How to animate the prayers at the camps or during various meetings.” After lunch, we were supposed to play a big game in the forest, but it rained so we played it in the center and in the yard. After the game came guests from Plovdiv – husband and wife Gergana and Mitko, and sister Magdalena, who had a talk about the Holy Liturgy and the evening prayer. After dinner there was a surprise. We were scheduled to watch a movie. As the young people gathered in the movie hall, at one point the lights went out and a siren sounded announcing that there was life-threatening radiation outside and that they could not go out. Gradually, the air in the “bunker” decreased and they had to choose who to sacrifice so that they would not all die. After this game, we did a sharing where the animators had the opportunity to say how they experienced the game, how they felt, how felt those who were chosen as victims.
What can I say at the end – when one sees these nice young people who are ready to do things for others, this makes him very happy. See you soon!”
f. Petr Cvrkal

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