A new course for animators has strated, 04-06 of November 2022, town of Kazanlak

Our first meeting for the animation course went great. We had fun and had a great weekend together. We were all happy when we got together Friday evening, finally together for dinner and then discussed the program. We slept late and got up early, but we were ready for the busy program prepared for us by the great animators who have already completed the course – Kateto, Eli, Petya and Gopeto, as well as by father Petr Cvrkal. We started the morning with morning prayer, breakfast and a very important talk, namely, “Who am I?”. Eli and Petya introduced it to us and we all enjoyed it very much. We played some games and continued with the talks, with one a very interesting one made by our favorite Gopeto. He explained clearly what it is to be an animator and what is required of us to become one. We had a great pasta lunch cooked by Fanda and had a big game of going around Kazanlak and performing tasks. The game gave us an opportunity to explore the town and have fun taking pictures and drooling. Later father Petr introduced us to the beauty of the Eastern Rite Mass. We had dinner and played some more. We said a very nice evening prayer and that’s how we ended the Sabbath day. Sunday we awoke early and after breakfast said a rosary and had the Holy Liturgy of the Eastern Rite. Then we set to work cleaning the convent and before going each to his home we of course had lunch again very tasty food. My personal impression from the whole meeting is that I have taken on a really wonderful, but also very serious task. I really liked how big a role God plays in the animation course. I liked that the animators were purposeful, caring and kept us entertained the whole time. Thanks to the whole team and I look forward to the next meeting.
Animator Francesko

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