Course for animators, 28-30.10.2022. town of Kazanlak

This meeting was very interesting and very useful (at least for me). The topics about the repressive system, types of upbringing were really comprehensive and worth every minute of time. Everyone shared what kind of upbringing they had and what kind of upbringing they would give to their generation. We also learned a lot of new interesting games, I may be 20 years old but I had so much fun that at times I felt like I was 5. Prayers before and after breakfast were the second most important thing of the day, the first is to always be on time for morning and evening prayer especially for Mass. We were also surprised by a very interesting guest, namely the journalist from “Bulgaria ONAIR” Mr. Viktor Dremsizov, I am pleased to say that for the first time in years I felt so excited to see a journalist live, and the discussions we exchanged were some of the most important for the current time… If I could rate this course it would be 10/10. I thank all the animators, the priests, the sister and especially Georgi Stanchev (we call him Bat Zhoro) for the enthusiasm he inspired and persistently put up with the stupid things we did. Thank God for each and everyone!
Kiril Kirilov

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