Summer camp for girls, 05-11. of July 2021, Dekotex hut, Karandila

_MG_1791_MG_1882_MG_1910_MG_2305_MG_2332_MG_2335_MG_234420210707_11035220210707_12112320210707_14551920210709_10391020210709_10474620210710_09362920210710_09362920210710_09370320210710_12233220210710_19431120210710_19452220210710_20133920210710_20514620210710_214040God said, “Let there be light.” And light appeared. And God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.

Thus began our camp, the theme of which was the creation of the world.

Day 1: We were all very happy to meet old friends and meet new ones.

We split into teams and then came up with a name and flag for the team.

And there was a day, there was morning day 2: The topic was led by a volunteer named Maya and Sister Magdalena, to whom we are very grateful that they agreed to be with us at the camp. They told us where to look for our faith. During the day we had a stage game, which was related to carrying water, because the second day of the creation of the day refers to water and the sky.

there was a day, there was morning, day 3:

We wanted to be closer to nature and for that we made a hike, during our walk we went hand in hand with the rain and the sun, we played a game through which we got to know better the trees and plants around us. As a task from today’s topic, we had to collect the garbage left by people. The evening prayer was also in nature.

there was a day, there was morning, day 4:

To get to know the stars, we decided to make a model of the solar system, then each team had to invent their own planet and make a story about it and what it should look like. Since the theme was for celestial bodies, we made a night game under the stars to strengthen our relationship with God.

there was a day, there was morning, day 5:

Today the topic was about birds and animals and we paid more attention to how to protect the nature around us. Each of us draws how he sees our planet in years to come. The team game was about getting to know the animals better in the different seasons.

there was a day, there was morning, day 6:

With today’s game we decided to follow the steps after the creation of man, namely to make clothes from handy materials, wooden houses, and to find a treasure in the form of food. During the topic we clarified a lot of things that are presented differently to children. In the evening we had a campfire, around which the children made an entertainment program and at the end we announced the winners of the team games and gave a prize to each child.

Last day:

Our last day started with a lot of emotions, we had a solemn Sunday liturgy, and then we all got together and wrote something nice for everyone. We parted with song, tears, laughter and nostalgia.

We are very happy to be together at this camp and look forward to next year.

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