Work camp 2020


“What we wanted to achieve through the work camp is to build in the lives of young people and children the desire for work and especially for quality work. Every time we give them tasks for work, we repeat that every work must be completed and of high quality. Also, that quality work requires patience, time and perseverance. Children and young people need to make sense of this and start applying it. The problem is not that there is no job, but that they are not used to work, especially when they are still young.

This year, 8 boys participated in the work camp. It was organized only for children and youth from Stara Zagora and the village of Kalitinovo. It was held consecutively in two places – in our centers in Stara Zagora and Kazanlak from June 30. till July 4. We worked for four days and we were at sea one whole day. What we managed to do was: transport of sand and wood, cleaning, painting. After work we walked to Tyulbeto, Koprinka dam and Shipka peak.”
f. Donbor Jirwa

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