Meeting for the vocations, 14-06.02.2020, town of Sofia

From February 14. to February 16. 2020, the third meeting for Vocations was held. It was hosted by the city of Sofia and the Capuchin Fathers in St. Joseph Parish. The organizers of the meeting were the Salesian fathers Petr Cvrkal andfather Donbor Jirwa, f. Jaroslav – Capuchin, Sister Josepha – Eucharist. Friday night was the arrival, accommodation and the introducing of the participants who were from Oresh and Rakovski. On Saturday there was a wonderful talk about the sacrament of marriage, about the things we need to have to be able to accomplish this sacramen and about the things that will help us find the right person for that sacrament. There was testimony from families from the parish in Sofia. After the talk we visited the Carmelite sisters and they told us about their vocation in life and the happiness they experience in their choice in living with God. We had a liturgy with them, which was an Eastern rite celebrated by Father Donbor, who first served a liturgy there. In the evening we had a fun program – a movie that presented the mystery of marriage in a fun way. Then we had an adoration that lasted until the morning. Sunday morning we had a morning prayer followed by a rosary and a Sunday holy mass, which was celebrated by Father Petr Cvrkal. It was indescribable happiness for us to see the parishioners who filled the entire church. After the liturgy, we had an assessment of the days gone by, luggage collection and departure. The meeting was a very good experience, which all participants received, for which we thank all the priests and sisters. “Svetoslav Geshev

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