Course for animatore, 13-15.12.2019, town of Kazanlak


“At the beginning I would start with the week before the meeting – counting down the days. When Friday came I was even more eager to see the group. On the way to Kazanlak we thought about how much fun and how many new memories are awaiting us. With the arrival, I already knew that the fun starts, the diversity. Finally, we were together again. The beginning of the meeting was strange for everyone somehow we were pulled away from each other, but then we started laughing, playing, creating new memories. The Friday ended quickly. On Saturday morning, we were all full with new energy. We started with a nice morning prayer, then there were conversations that were quite interesting for me, there were some important things I learned. Afterwards, some of us presented our games. They were interesting and I would use them for some camp. The stage play was the thing I would remember this meeting for. From the very beginning, we all wondered what it would be like, what we would have to do. We were all quite surprised because it was presented in an interesting way. The game itself was quite tiring, but also quite interesting. When we got home we only wanted two things – rest and shower. After that, we continued with the games of billiards and table football. We had a nice evening prayer and a good night’s thought, presented in an interesting way by the sister and some of the animators. But overall the meeting went very well with incredible new memories and wonderful experiences.”

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