Work camp, 01-05.07.2019



“Some people refer to the work camp as Therapy. It can be called this way for the reason that it is like therapy for patience, perseverance and responsibility in a job. The purpose of the work camp is to help and teach the boys to finish their work perfectly and with good quality.
Eight boys came to this camp; five from the city of Stara Zagora and three from the city of Plovdiv. Along with them were two Salesians and one Czech volunteer. We helped the Salesians in Kazanlak, painted the doors, the rooms, the chairs, the table; we made suspended ceilings; we did the plaster in the basement, we cut the meadow around Morulei hut where two of the summer camps will be held – for boys and girls.”

f. Donbor Jirwa, SDB

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