A meeting for the avocations, 23-24.02.2019, town of Kazanlak



The meeting for the avocations that targets young people aged 17 and up is a call to talk about life intentions. The meetings will be four and will be held twice a year. On 23rd and 24th of February, the first of them took place, involving 15 young people from different cities. The discussions are focused not only on the spiritual vocation, the spiritual life, but also on the intentions for the future – the vocation to be a partner, parent, educator. They are organized by six devoted to God persons from different monastic communities in Bulgaria.
We share part of a text by Irina Jundrina, inspired by the weekend in Kazanlak:
“I will start with the story of a small, picturesque and eternally lively town nestled in the center of our native Bulgaria, in the heart of the Rose Valley, embraced by the aroma of the rose and protected by the vast hand of the Balkan. There, in Kazanlak, I had the great grace to take part in the meeting, “Come and see”, for young people aged over 18, organized by devoted to God monastic orders in Bulgaria, to develop spiritual growth in faith and to help discover the the rank of every young person.
But let’s start from the beginning – with the preparation of the human soul for the meeting with God, which is not just an event two or three times a year – no! It is the attitude in the hearts of modesty, charity, kindness and humility. During the spiritual exercises conducted under the motto “You are the dream of God,” it was emphasized how each of us is a beautiful soul that God loves and wishes to find his vocation and happiness in this dynamic and challenging world.”

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