Feast of St. John Bosko, 02.02.2019, town of Kazanlak



The Salesians in Bulgaria together with parishioners, friends and acquaintances celebrated the feast of St. John Bosko on the 02.02.2019 in the town of Kazanlak. The presence of bishop Hristo Proykov, who served the Holy Liturgy, brought more joy to the people and increased the meaning of the feast. During the sermon, he reminded all priests of the words of Pope Francis who said: “From St. John Bosko the priests learn the joy.” “John Bosko was a priest who can see the reality around him, especially the condition of the young people. As a young priest he began to work for homeless children and young people. For them he was a father, a friend and a teacher. At one point he invites the best youngsters to cooperate with him on the mission. In a short time, his followers became a lot. Now they are all over the world, and we also have them in our country”, said the bishop.
At the end of his sermon, quoting St. John Bosco’s words: “young people should not only be loved, they must know that they are loved,” the bishop added, “love your priests as they love you.”
The atmosphere of joy and celebration continued with a program prepared by the children from Kalitinovo, Stara Zagora and Kazanlak. With songs, dances and plays, they filled everyone who was present with excitement and pleasant feelings. Except the children, three girls from the Opera House in Stara Zagora were present, three girls from three different countries – America, Spain and Canada. They perform a beautiful dance.
“The Salesian Community – Oratorio, without music, is like a body without a soul,” says Saint John Bosko.
f. Donbor Jyrwa SDB

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