/ 10 years Center “Don Bosko” in district Lozenetz, town of Stara Zagora


On Saturday, May the 19th, we celebrated 10 years since the Salesians of Don Bosco work in the Roma neighborhood Lozenets in town of Stara Zagora. 10 years since the foundation of the Don Bosco Center, which has gradually become a social service and which hosted over 700 children and young people over the years.
The day started with Holy mass in the parish St.st. Cyril and Methodius.
We invited the guests to the ethno-cultural center of the town “Ethnoworld Bulgaria”. The area is very suitable for a celebration. At the very beginning, Jaroslav Fogl, the director of the Don Bosco Bulgaria Foundation, congratulated the guests and presented a presentation that told the people about the work of the Salesians in the past 10 years.
The celebration continued with an artistic program prepared by the children and young people, of course with the help of the team and especially of our EVS volunteers: Ane?ka Kotborova, Veronika Kobozova, Eli?ka Griga?ikova and Toma? Reichal. They are on eleven-month voluntary service in two Erasmus+ EVS projects – “Education vs. Poverty 2” and “More Education – Less Poverty with EVS”.
Children and young people danced,a total of three dances: the youngest, the pre-school children and the girls participating in the girls’ meetings; sung: “Friendship”, “Tired Wings”, “Rainbow”, “Take me there” and “God to keep Bulgaria”, played various instruments, presented the play “Happenings from Don Bosco’s life”.
Like any holiday event, there was a treat for everyone. With the mothers of children and young people we danced “horo” that contributed to our sense of “co-ownership”.
Guests of the celebration were the parents of the children and young people who are attending the Center, their teachers, representatives of NGOs working in the same field (World without Borders), Father Paolo Cortezi from Belene; friends of the children and young people. The hall of “Ethnoworld” was filled both with people and seree mood.


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