Аниматорска среща 23-25.03.2018 гр. Казанлък/Meeting for animators 23-25.03.2018, town of Kazanlak


“In the period from 23rd to 25th of March, an animation meeting was held by the Salesinas of Don Bosko in the town of Kazanlak. The meeting was spiritual, and the main theme – the upcoming celebration – the Resurrection of the Lord. We had talks about one of the most difficult acts of love-forgiveness. Each of us asked very deep questions about ourselves, what we are, what we want and expect from God, we have unleashed pain on old memories, and that has been good for us. We were talking to each other, which helped us get to know each other better, the priests were available to us all the time, and with them we had many talks about forgiveness and insult. Since we believe in God, common prayers have helped us to greet the risen Christ with pure hearts. We had The Way of the Cross. It was on the Sabbath and as a mysterious end to our prayers and talks. Everyone who read a stop, prepared a meditation on it. This has made us fall into ourselves and feel deeply the suffering of Jesus. Of course we had night adoration and one-day silence. The game of silence proved to be our most difficult task. Making a teenager silent when he wants to say so much is impossible. But the silence made us hear … Strangely, but you start to hear the thoughts of the other, to feel his thoughts. It was a great challenge for us, and we took another step closer to God”
Irina Andre Chevushyan


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