Аниматорска среща 16-18.03.2018, гр. Казанлък/Animators meeting 16-18.03.2018, town of Kazanlak



“Last weekend 16.-18.03. we spent together in Kazanlak for the third time . This weekend was unique from a few points of view: Friday night after the traditional luxurious-bread-and-“lytenitza” dinner-unexpectedly, three special teams were convened to defuse bombs hidden by enemy forces in the house of the fathers Salesians. The teams did … almost good. Fortunately, there were no sacrifices except a few broken eggs and a few bursting balloons. In the evening we ended up with a visit to a special place and a very old house with countless halls – we managed to take a closer look at one.
The Sabbath was also different from other Sabbaths. It was a day of meditation, prayer, and silence. I think the young people most liked the silence … We started the day, of course, with a prayer and “I will” on Citizen Way. Then we had several talks with father Donbor who had prepared for us various texts and films for our spiritual exercises on the theme “Joyful in Hope.” In the afternoon, all together we prayed a cross path with Mother Teresa’s texts and stops, creatively prepared by each participant. Two priests were available for confession in the afternoon, and then we participated together at the Holy Mass. After dinner, we had the opportunity to watch together a wonderful movie and we’re just about to start the evening – because we had worship until the morning. I thank all the young people and the team for the nice weekend spent together! Especially for the opportunity to sing, praise, and worship God together.”
sister Nadya
“These days, we had the opportunity to experience the spiritual exercises for the first time together as a group. We spent a few days in silence, humility and time for reflection and prayer. This gave us a start for a good preparation for the upcoming Easter holiday. Our spiritual exercises began on Friday night with play, prayer and a good night’s word. The next day we were all in silence, as a good opportunity for us to stay alone with ourselfs or – me and God. For one day we gave up the phones, social networks, and things we thought could distract us. During the day, we had two talks led by Father Donbor, and in the afternoon we went out on the Way of the cross over Kazanlak. Each one of us had the opportunity to prepare his stop with personal reflection, which helped us think about what Jesus Christ was experiencing. After the Cross, we had preparation and time for the sacrament of the Holy Confession as well as Liturgy. Our evening continued in silence and night adoration. Each of us had the opportunity to stay alone with God. On Sunday we had Holy Mass, lunch and farewell to the next meeting, happy with the days spent together and waiting for the resurrection.”
Yoana Stancheva


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