Аниматорски курс 03-05.11.2017, гр. Казанлък/Course for animators 03-05.11.2017 town of Kazanlak


“In the period 03 – 05.11.2017 I was on a study in Kazanlak
by the fathers Salezians of Don Bosco.
As part of our animation training, we have been taking a course on rendering
first aid. We learned what to do if a little
child (baby) or elderly man got choked, how to help aburned from
electric shock person, how to help if a heart stops, how to put air in
the lungs of a person, how to make a bandage when a person is bleeding, when
squeezing of limbs and spine, bandaging of the head and limbs at
external wounds. Our course was conducted by Dr. Georgi Shaldurkov. In the evening
we had something like a practical first aid experience.
I think the course will help us during the camps and all the meetings with children
and young people.” Irina Andre Bohos Chevushyan
Organizational Team: Father Petr Cvrkal, SDB; Andrey Mihov – Group leader; Jean Paul Mutombo, SDB, assistant supervisor; Donbor Jirwa, SDB, assistant manager; Wilker Da Silva, SDB, assistant supervisor.

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