Работен лагер 03-08.07.2017, с. Правдино/Work camp 03-08.07.2017, village of Pravdino

“There is a small village near the big city of Yambol. There are not 100 people living in this rustic village called “Pravdino”, and here was built a very nice church with different icons … This is not the beginning of the fairytale but the story of a labor camp that takes place in the beginning of July.
Close to the beautiful church in Pravdino stood a really old house built of stones that had already begun to break down and became dangerous for the people. So they had to find some strong men to break it down. These (and one not so strong cook-volunteer) left Stara Zagora on Monday to lunch. The goal was clear – by Friday, the same house in Pravdino had to be knocked down.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they worked so hard and well that the whole roof and almost the entire first floor disappeared. Because the muscles should have a bit of rest, the whole team on Thursday made a little walk to the sea. It is not surprising that the sun here was really hot and a lot of the crew was burned a bit … Friday and Saturday they went again with work and cleaning.
We thank God for keeping us through the whole camp and a mercy for all who have come to do this good job … Father: Father Georgi, Father Peter, Father John, deacon Donbor, volunteers from Czech Republic- Tom??, Misho, Tom?? H. and Magda and workers from Stara Zagora – Vesko, Slavcho, Bojidar and Ivan …”
Magdalena Braunerova, EVS volunteer, Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation, 2014-2015









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