Аниматорска среща 09-11.06.2017, гр. Казанлък/Meeting for animators 09-11.06.2017, town of Kazanlak


From the 9th till the 11the of June in the town of Kazanlak was held the last meeting of the animators from the group 2015-2017.
At the meeting, we spoke and discussed a lecture on child labor law.
After it, another lecture was held, a lecture on the Call, led by Father Petr Cvrkal. There were a lot of useful tips in it about our vocation and our lives as future parents or as spiritual people.
Everybody then had the task of inventing, making a play or a film to present in front of the whole group. Animators have done well with the task. During the screening of the films everyone laughed so much that they even sang. We were all so entertained that we did not even know how the time passed away.
On the last day of our last meeting, we evaluated the meeting and afterwards it was time for everyone to say good-bye. It was a bit sad that we were separating, but we promised that we would meet from time to time so as not to forget each other.
Thanks to the animation course, we met, got to know each other and became close friends. I sincerely wish everyone to continually rediscover their desire for animation and volunteering.
Last but not least, I mwould like to say a great “THANK YOU!” to our spiritual mentors, to our volunteers and to our superiors that they were up to us all the time and supported us. You showed us that with perseverance, moderation, desire and pure soul, we will reach the hearts of all children!”
Tanya Grozdeva
The organizers and leaders of the meeting were Georgi Stanchev /graduated animator/, Katerina Vanova /EVS volunteer/, Vaclav Yakubicek /EVS volunteer/, o. Petr. Cvrkal /Chief Responsible for Animation Courses/.
Katerina Vanova and Vaclav Jakubicek are at the European Voluntary Service in Bulgaria /town of Stara Zagora and the town of Kazanlak/ under project 2016-2-BG01-KA105-023863, “Education vs. Poverty “, co-funded by the Erasmus + EC program, implemented by the Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation













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