Аниматорска среща 28-30.04.2017/Meeting for animators 28-30.04.2017


“Suddenly the fourth animation meeting is over. It was really interesting and useful to us – the games, the talks, the time spent together – all of this brought us a good mood and made these three days wonderful.
The organization of the meeting itself was excellent, and so everything was on a program. Talks, which are actually one of the most important things of the meetings, were very interesting, varied and presented with a feeling. I especially liked that on the second evening we had a practice to which we applied what we learned from the talks. So we show what’s really going into our heads, which is very important. One of the best things at the meeting was the opportunity to see each other again and spend some days together. That made each one of us truly happy. I’m also glad I had the opportunity to pray with everyone at the meeting.
The most favorite part of the meeting was definitely the night-morning game. Especially the last part, which was a fall in the river with blindfolds at 06:30 in the morning. Great. But the most important thing was that while we walked with a towel of our eyes, unable to see anything at all, and led only to the man before us, the game taught us to trust others and above all ourselves, leading the person behind us. It has also shown us how we are able to react in such moments. Some were crying, others were angry, others did not give up, and continued.
I look forward to the fifth meeting ? ”

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