Духовни упражнения за аниматори 31.03-02.04.2017, гр. Казанлък/Spritual exercises for animators 31.03-02.04.2017, town of Kazanlak


“What impressed me most on this spiritual exercises for animators?
At this course, we experienced spiritual exercises in the time of the Long Lent. The most important thing I understood is that we must grow in faith and try to surrender it to our children. Let us try to be good, patient, tolerant and most importantly to forgive our neighbor’s mistakes not only in the time of fasting – because everyone makes mistakes. In general, the animation course itself will also be useful to me because I am a student at Angel Kanchev University, speciality “Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy”. Unfortunately, religion is not studied at school. In those days, a great impression made me the talk about love and maturity. When we are young we can not take responsibility for ourselves. The immature man, when he fails, accuses others of it – that he has failed to achieve something without realizing that in the aftermath the accusations will badly affect people’s relationships.
A mature man sets goals in life and achieves them, one becomes mature at a certain age of his life. He is ready to take responsibility for himself and others. The other talk, which made a strong impression on me, was the subject of love between two people. In one part of the lecture, I found myself, learned how I could do the right thing, so that I would not be injured or injuring. For me, the Via Crucis we did was unusual but also very interesting because each of us drew and spoke his own thoughts, depending on the subject. The movie we watched at the end of the animation course “God’s Crucifixion” helped us to understand that the Lord watches us in good and evil, and also thinks about our loved ones and the moments we are hurting them – without they to have guilt.” Kristina

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