Зимни лагери/Winter camps

“This year’s winter camp for girls was held from 3rd till 5th of February in the town of Kazanlak, in the branch of the Don Bosco Bulgaria foundation. The theme of the camp was “The Family”. We went with the girls to different continents to understand how families in Africa, China, South and North America live. We looked closely the lives of the Chinese, Eskimos, Indians and the African tribe Masai. The girls cooked typical for those people food, they also prepared appropriate clothing and ornaments for themselves, they sang and danced the dances of those different regions. “Anna Kisyova
The preparation and implementation of the camp is a personal project of our two EVS volunteers of Don Bosko Bulgaria foundation Dorota Sedlachkova and Katerina Vanova that they performed as part of the project “Education vs. Poverty “, financed by the EC program” Erasmus + “in Bulgaria administered by Centre for Development of Human Resources / HRDC /
Of course, the project was supported by the team of the Don Bosco Bulgaria foundation. Anna Kisyova and Desislava Frengieva took part in all the activities. The Czech volunteer Aneshka Kotrobova came again after her first month with us in the summer – this time for two months. She was also part of the camp team.
“The winter camp for the boys from the Centre for information, consultation, training and support / CICTS / Stara Zagora took place from the 10th till the 12th of February in the town of Kazanlak. The theme of the camp was “Families around the world.” On Friday, the boys arrived and immediately settled. The evening program carried us in Africa. Two “Africans” came and we played together the adventure game “Ubongo.”
The next day we went to the Indians. We made their bows and arrows and compete in archery. After the race the boys had to find the lost money of an Indian chief. We had lunch and went to Tyulbeto (the local park), where we competed again in games. We came back tired and after dinner we watched the animated film “Up”.
On Sunday we went to China and there we played the Olympics with various disciplines. Perhaps most interesting was the football with a table tennis ball. We could move the ball only using straws. Before lunch we were able to visit Park Rose Garden, then lunch came. At the very end we cleaned and returned to Stara Zagora. ”
Volunteer Vaclav Yakubichek
The camp was planned and implemented as part of the personal projects of both EVS volunteers of Don Bosko Bulgaria foundation Vaclav Yakubichek and Jan Tomiga engaged in the branch of the “Don Bosko Bulgaria” in Kazanlak project “Education vs. Poverty “, financed by the EC program Erasmus +, administered in Bulgaria by the Center for Human Resources Development / HRDC /.

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