Аниматорски курс 12-14.01.2018, град Казанлък/ Course for animators 12-14.01.2018, town of Kazanlak

Although for this animation group the weekend of the 12th – 14th was their second encounter, they all looked as if they had known each other since they were still young children. The agenda of the meeting was related to the theme of “Pedagogy”. We learned interesting things and tried …

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Аниматорски курс 20-22.10.2017, гр. Казанлък, Course for animatores 20-22.10.2017, town of Kazanlak

“The course for animators is a great place to refine yourself and get closer to God. young people from different parts of Bulgaria gather, to get to know each other, to learn together, to entertain each other, to pray and work in and as a team. All these activities are …

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Духовни упражнения за аниматори 31.03-02.04.2017, гр. Казанлък/Spritual exercises for animators 31.03-02.04.2017, town of Kazanlak

“What impressed me most on this spiritual exercises for animators? At this course, we experienced spiritual exercises in the time of the Long Lent. The most important thing I understood is that we must grow in faith and try to surrender it to our children. Let us try to be …

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